Coworking in Boone

Are you a local business owner or entrepreneur? Where do you typically spend your working hours? Your home, favorite coffee shop, another office space?

You’ve likely already heard about, or have been too, one of the Silicon Hollar weekly Pop-Up Co-working sessions at Ransom (and now at Hatchet Coffee on Tuesdays in January). At the pop-ups, people can stop by, get some work done, have some coffee and visit with other local entrepreneurs and professionals. We have seen a great network of High Country entrepreneurs in attendance each week and look forward to expanding to our secondary location for this month, Hatchet Coffee.

The next phase of growth for Silicon Hollar is to help establish a permanent location for co-working in Boone.


We are currently working with various local entities to create a new space in Boone for startups, small businesses and solopreneurs, where they can have a dedicated desk, or office, and work in a collaborative environment.

Route Coworking, a project of Watauga EDC, Silicon Hollar and High Country Local First, will be a space to start, house and grow local companies in the High Country. Route aims to provide low cost, professional workspaces, in a setting designed to foster creativity, collaboration and access support services for your business. We are a dedicated community of entrepreneurs that see untapped value in connecting with other young businesses in the High Country. We’d love for you to join us!

Please take a few minutes to complete this Boone Co-working Survey so that we can get feedback from local entrepreneurs interested in this project!

Please complete the survey before January 9, 2018.