The Cobbler's Kids Get New Shoes

Time to Stop and Launch our New ERP

Pete Catoe
Founder & CEO ECRS (ECR Software)


ECRS is known for developing and deploying world class software systems for retailers.  Ironically, like the old saying, “The Cobbler’s kids have no shoes,” our own internal systems have long past their prime.  So November is a big month for everyone at ECRS as we go live with our new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  It’s a modern, cloud based, comprehensive system that touches every part of ECRS.  

Launching a new ERP could be compared to changing the tires on a car still rolling down the road.  As you know, you have to stop the car first, and the same is true for the company.  We need to slow down - and even stop - so we can change our old way of doing things and replace it with a better, more effective approach.  This means that for the next few weeks, we will be asked to stop and help in this new phase of our corporate development.  Some team members may be asked to do extra, even duplicate, work.  It is a temporary and necessary pain that we must endure to successfully make the transition.  

Why are we deploying this ERP system?

If we want to build a better ECRS, to better serve our customers, we need tools that will allow every ECRS team member to perform at his or her best.  To some, this might mean having a lighter, more powerful laptop, or, to others, the very best development tools or increased process automation.  The ERP is a foundational tool, the nervous and memory center of the entire corporation.  Every company has an ERP, but our current system is made up of outdated systems, requires duplicated data entry and intensive manual processes.  It’s time to replace it with a unified system designed to eliminate duplicate entry, streamline operations, and increase accuracy.  Having a new core system will allow ECRS to grow $100 million higher in revenue.  The point is, we do not want our growth, and full potential, to be held back by old outdated systems.  

Time to pull together and act in a true spirit of collaboration.

In business, we tend to look for reasons to blame one another, missing opportunities to help each other succeed.  If we want to make the new ERP system fly, more collaboration than usual is needed.  Each team member must find ways to contribute individually for the sake of building something that is greater for us all.  Deploying this new ERP is a major cornerstone of our goal in building a better ECRS.  We can’t succeed if each and every one of us is not prepared to think and act in the true spirit of collaboration.

Onward and upward.