What we're all about

Siliconhollar.org is an information source dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, high tech and connecting the innovators of the High Country. We promote and write about businesses and concepts in: software programming, hardware, networking, audio/video, digital design and sustainable technologies. 

This is also a place for inspiration. We encourage the young, and the old, to dream bigger. With the advent of cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices and access to gigabit broadband networks, there has never been a more exciting time to start, or work for, a high tech company. 

So, it's our job to put on events, facilitate introductions within our network and provide some inspiration - your job is to dare to be different and dream big. Are you up for the challenge?

“I hear this over and over again: ‘Oh, the only place to start a company is in Silicon Valley,’ or something like that. It’s all BS. I mean you can have a sustainable startup community in virtually any city in the US, and one of the great things about the culture throughout most of the US is that failure is okay, especially within startup communities, so people who want to play for a long period of time and really want to build something meaningful will have their ups and downs, but as long as there’s this notion of inclusiveness it becomes very powerful.”
— Brad Feld, Venture Capitalist and Foundry Group Co-Founder