12-Week Peer Learning Program

To Scale UP Your Business AND Your LifE


WHAT IS velocity labs?

A 3 month startup accelerator course for founders & partners of pre-revenue and/or very early stage high growth companies focused on accelerated growth of $5-7M in three years.  

There are three stages of growth for velocity track businesses:

1) problem/solution fit

2) product/market fit

3) scaling up



  • 6 full day in-class sessions facilitated by hardened entrepreneurs, packed with key learning activities, tools, resources and expert guest speakers. Local coffee, lunch and snacks included to keep you fueled and focused.
  • 2 participants per company are invited and encouraged to help catalyze lasting change and measurable impact deep into the DNA of your company.
  • 6 in-depth online modules with practical guides, key activities & resources to transform your personal habits, mindset and leadership.
  • 6 live webinars to root the online course and drive accountability and provide support to a tribe of regional entrepreneurs solving critical issues in the world.
  • 5 one-hour private coaching sessions per company provided by expert coaches and designed around your specific scaling needs and when you need it most.
  • 2 community networking events to test your mettle and to grow your support with regional funders, entrepreneurs and the community that loves you - 4 tickets included per company.
  • MUCHO adventurous swag to support you on your journey ahead!

Does velocity labs sound right for your business?